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Archive Binge: Smoother create feed workflow

The current workflow for creating an archive binge RSS feed is functional but not very smooth. I have to click on one button, then click on the edit button to customize, save, then go back to the comic info area, click on the RSS feed to subscribe to it.

An improvement to the creation workflow would be the following:
1. User clicks on the create button.
2. The site displays basic settings for editing, with a save or cancel button.
3. User saves, the site displays the default archive binge box layout.
3a. The user cancels, the site goes back to the create button layout.

Basic Settings / Default Layout:
* RSS Feed Button
* Current page text field
* Pages per day text field
* A drop down menu with standard day templates
* Settings button (for advanced settings),
* Delete button

The advanced settings would basically be as the settings page is now (plus any further improvements to archive binge suggested here).

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